Employee Wellness Framework

Employee and Workplace wellness framework

Healthy employees create healthy organizations. Workplace wellness happens when workplaces focus on and prioritize the creation of a healthy culture. For a Online Freelancing work it is difficult to create healthy working environment which cause big issue for freelancer. The workplace wellness framework can help you take the next step to work online from home wellness journey.

What is workplace wellness?

Sometimes it seems like everyone has a different answer when it comes to defining wellness—and it feels like there is no simple answer. Wellness involves many aspects of an individual’s or organization’s well-being including financial stability, social media work engagement and physical and mental health. Workplace wellness involves a comprehensive and human-centered approach to supporting these major aspects.

We believe with the right tools, approach and commitment, your Freelancing Online working Course journey towards cultivating a healthy working sitting from home need a comfortable environment of online working from home and the culture can become more tangible. Let us help you on your organizational wellness journey.

Author: Arsalan Hussain , Computer Course Trainer, Careervision Training Institute Islamabad:

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