Galaxy A12 Screen mirroring solution in pakistan

galaxy a12 mobile multiple screen option

On few Galaxy A12 you can’t install Smart View and Screen mirroring on a12.

The opposite app you can install for that is “Smart Things” on the galaxy store. I wondered why a12 doesn’t have those features (Smart View & Screen Mirroring) but a10 and a11 has it. I hope Samsung will release those features for a12 on One UI 4.

Galaxy A12 multiple split screen image Graphic Designing Course in islamabad @

Any method that requires wifi isn’t a work around for the Smart View service built in to older phones.  It does not need wifi to work. Instead of using Chromecast , Smart Things does the same thing the key distinction is you must have wifi. 

It’s also silly about Samsung A12, you can use my A12 as a wifi Hotspot to give TV access to the internet, but not share my phones screen with the same TV without “extra” “**bleep**”  it seems like Samsung got complaints from the cell providers because we could use OUR phones to watch app content on a TV instead of burning up tethering or Hotspot data allotment.  

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