Best blog seo text size for google seo ranking in 2023?

There is no specific seo rules for text size of blog or post that could assure that your web page ranking or blog gets a higher ranking on Google. However, you should know about some general guidelines that can help you to optimize blogs and web seo text size for good google rank position.

  1. The word count of at least 300 words are minimum Blog posts requirement but with a higher word count google keyword page rank could perform better in search engine ranking. At least 300 words per post, but longer posts (1000 to 2000 words) may perform even more better.
  2. A big question, is subheadings is good for ranking? Yes off course break down your content into small headings to brief topic is a good idea to use subheadings. This makes it easier for readers to skim and also helps search engines understand the structure of your post could help higher google rank position in search engine ranking.
  3. Use keywords naturally in your blog text writing is good for SEO point of view. Use target keywords throughout the post by spreading within seo text will help in getting rank signals from google search engine. We must avoid unnatural phrased. Focus on creating quality content that provides value to your readers.
  4. Use of internal and external links could help to get google rank position to other relevant content on your site and to external website to provide additional context and value to your readers. This also helps search engines understand the topic of your post is relevant and high scale in text context.
  5. Descriptive meta tags are best approach to write attractive meta titles and descriptions which accurately describe the content of your blog post. These two components of your blog show up in search results. you should use google position keyword and can influence people click and visit your website blog post.

SEO Content Ranking Factors Example:

For Example: Google Search Engine regularly makes adjustments to SEO algorithm for ranking web seo text depends on keyword search ranking. Search Engine decides how to show searchable contents and where it gets ranked in google SERPs is known as search engine ranking of web contents.

Which factors are required for the most relevant and reliable information? It is a big question.

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Author: Arsalan Hussain , SEO Trainer, Careervision Training Institute Islamabad : Contact#: 03005665959

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