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Web content SEO – google rank SEO Factors

SEO Content Ranking Factors:

First question come in mind How many ranking factors does google have?

There are about 200 known ranking factors. Here are the major Google Search ranking factors to take into consideration if you want to rank at the top of the SERPs.

1. Improve Content Quality

Actually, web contents that ranks well need research work and is a broad spectrum of its respective subject to keyword search ranking. Content must provide good value to the readers and should incorporate engaging visual content blog post image to complement the written text said to be a best seo text strategy. Remember, quality beats quantity every time. Focus on value, not word count is a key for increase seo ranking course in search engine SEO courses results.

2. Content-Length

There is no clear rule of thumb regarding the size of blog (word count) since it varies to his nature. However, we do notice that longer, more comprehensive content typically achieves higher rankings and increase seo ranking depends on quality contents, good useful info graphics rather than content length. A study by Neil Patel reveals a correlation between content length and top Google search positions.

Best method is to use Google’s semantic search to optimize keyword targeting in the articles and keyword search ranking could be observe accordingly. You can find semantic queries by seeing the “related search” results at the bottom of the Google search results page SERPs.

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