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Jamie Allen makes his debut on Love Island on Wednesday night, 20 July.

He arrives as one of four new “bombshells”, along with Reece Ford, Lacey Edwards and Nathalia Campos. It comes at a tense time in the villa, after the existing contestants were told they would have to choose which two of their fellow islanders would be dumped from the show.

Allen says he will have no qualms about stepping on the other boys’ toes to get the girl he wants.

So who is Jamie Allen?

Allen was born in 1995 in Preston, but has Caribbean heritage.

A promising footballer, he started his youth career at Fleetwood Town, before joining the first team in 2012. He’s had loan spells at Barrow and AFC Fylde before being released. He then moved onto Stalybridge Celtic and later joined Southport, where he made over 60 appearances. After leaving Southport in 2017 he joined Dover for two years, then signed his first deal with National League side FC Halifax Town.

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